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Illinois State Park Geology Series

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Illinois-beach_front-thumb.gif SPIllinoisBeach: Shifting Sand: The Geology of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park
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Illinois State Park Geology Series. ISBN 978-0-615-82667-7
2013. Full color. 42 pp.

Shifting Sand, second in the Illinois State Park Geology series, tells the ever-changing story of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park. This story is one of thousands of years of geological and natural history illustrating the progress of glaciers, changing lake levels, shoreline migration, the building of park land, the Dead River meanderings, and the living beauty of the park’s plants and animals. Located on Chicagoland’s northeastern edge, Illinois Beach State Park is known for its unique coastal environment. Here in the midst of the heartland, gulls cry, waves slap the shore, and quartz sand pebbles sing in the wind. The undulating ridge-and-swale landscape, evidence of its wave-formed history, forms a graceful, curving pattern. Yet concerted efforts are required to maintain the park’s sand beaches and protect the landscape from human and industrial impacts for the benefit of future generations.
Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks StarvedRock:Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks
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Illinois State Park Geology Series. ISBN 978-0-615-82666-0.
2005. Full color. 48 pp.

Come explore the natural beauty and wonder of the most visited state park in Illinois. Beautiful photographs, maps, and easy-to-read text will guide you through the geologic story of how the parks were formed and continue to change. This trailside view of the parks' geology is sure to give you renewed appreciation for the great rivers, bluffs, and canyons these parks contain.


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