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EDX GeoActivity
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EDX GeoActivity

GeoActivities Series: Activities and Other Resources for Teaching Geology
Editor: Janis D. Treworgy,

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Teachers of grades 4-12 will appreciate these exciting and interesting activities designed for classroom use. The geoactivities are a convenient, fun way to meet Illinois Learning Standards for geology.

Capture.GIF GES15 & 16 Combo

Combo sale: GES16: Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois & GES15: Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters Purchase both for $10.00

Chicagoland—Shaped by Ice and Water PosterChicagoland: Chicagoland—Shaped by Ice and Water
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!

Michael J. Chrzastowski.
2005. Full color map poster. 24 x 30 inches.

$7.00 sale price $5.00

The thriving metropolitan area extending inland along 70 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline—known as Chicagoland—was made possible by glacial and coastal processes. This map poster provides a visual perspective of the area not available from the ground. The accompanying text explains how geologic processes laid the foundation for the development and continued prosperity of the state's largest city. Today evidence of these processes is revealed by four distinct landscapes: (1) the rolling hills and ridges of Wheaton Morainal Country; (2) the Y-shaped Chicago Outlet Valley that made possible the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal, the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, and the Calumet-Sag Channel; (3) the Chicago Lake Plain, a low-sloped expanse of land that holds most of the City of Chicago; and (4) the Zion Beach-Ridge Plain, a migratory coastal sand plain.

Fossils of Illinois PosterFossil1: Fossils of Illinois
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!


Robert Vaiden.
2002. Poster, 24 × 36 inches.

This colorful poster displays detailed drawings of common Illinois fossils by geologic period, color coded to match a geologic map of Illinois, making it easy to locate where in the state the rock of a given period is present at the surface.

$7.00 sale price $5.00

Illinois Fossils PosterFossil2: Illinois Fossils
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!

By Dennis R. Kolata and Rodney D. Norby.
2004. 24 × 30 inches. Poster; two sides. $7.00

Sale price $5.00

Illinois Fossils is a great size to display on office, family room, or bedroom wall. Side 1 is covered with beautiful photographs of museum-quality fossil specimens shown in high resolution. The key on side 2 provides additional information about those specimens. Also on side 2 are the answers to some commonly asked questions: What are fossils? Why are fossils so important? How old is that fossil? Where in Illinois are fossils from different periods found? Some of the most common fossil types found in Illinois are discussed.

Richardsons Guide to Mazon Creek Fossils cover Richardson's Guide to the Fossil Fauna of Mazon Creek
$50.00 $35.00 On Sale!

The Fossil Fauna of Mazon Creek


$50.00 Sale Price $35.00
ISBN 0-925065-21-8
Charles w. Shabica and Andrew A. Hay, editors
1997. 308 pp.

Limited quantities of this comprehensive reference are available while they last. The volume is out of print. The guide is a valuable asset for both professional paleontologists and amateur collectors because the well-preserved fossils from the Mazon Creek area of northeastern Illinois provide the most complete known record of late Paleozoic life. The volume is a systematic account of the area’s diverse animal fossils, especially marine and freshwater fauna. Discussed are the area’s coal mining fossil collecting, the geologic and environmental setting, and fossil distribution. Individual chapters provide detailed information about the fossil groups represented at Mazon Creek.


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