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Cover, Geology of Illinois
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Geology of Illinois

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D. R. Kolata and C. K. Nimz, editors
2010. 530 + xiv pp.

ISBN: 978-0-615-41739-4

Geology of Illinois has been compiled from more than a century of earth science investigations in Illinois. For the first time, this information has been summarized and made accessible in one volume to help both geologists and non-geologists better understand how the state’s mostly unseen geology affects, and is affected by, life on the surface. More than 200 color photographs, maps, and drawings illustrate the text.

Topics include
      • the history of geological investigations in Illinois;
      • the impact of the state’s tectonic and structural history;
      • the properties and classification of its rocks and sediments;
      • the rich heritage of its land, water, and mineral resources;
      • the threats from its geological hazards; and
      • the application of geological information to societal issues.

       Companion map: Bedrock Geology Map

richardsons Richardson's Guide to the Fossil Fauna of Mazon Creek

ISBN 0-925065-21-8

Charles w. Shabica and Andrew A. Hay, editors
1997. 308 pp.

Limited quantities of this comprehensive reference are available while they last. The volume is out of print. The guide is a valuable asset for both professional paleontologists and amateur collectors because the well-preserved fossils from the Mazon Creek area of northeastern Illinois provide the most complete known record of late Paleozoic life. The volume is a systematic account of the area’s diverse animal fossils, especially marine and freshwater fauna. Discussed are the area’s coal mining fossil collecting, the geologic and environmental setting, and fossil distribution. Individual chapters provide detailed information about the fossil groups represented at Mazon Creek.

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Illinois Birds A Century of Change and The Birds of Illinois: Forest Species Card Set

Authors: Jeffery W. Walk, Michael P. Ward, Thomas J. Benson, Jill L. Deppe, Stacy A. Lischka, Steven D. Bailey, and Jeffery D. Brawn
2010, 230 p.

A terrific gift for anyone wanting to learn more about Illinois birds, their habits and more.

Illinois Birds A Century of Change is a compilation of 100 years of data, photographs, and research. The unique span of time and geographic scale are this study’s strengths. In Illinois, where land cover and land use have changed dramatically owing to agricultural practices and development, insights into the dynamics of bird communities and populations over a diverse suite of habitats are crucial to understanding the past, present, and future sustainability of the avifauna across Illinois and the Midwest. This book summarizes the results of surveys conducted across three time periods. The findings are directed to a broad audience under four major headings: The Changing Illinois Landscape, Bird Communities through Time, Species Accounts and Looking Back, Moving Forward.

The Birds of Illinois: Forest Species Card Set is a set of 32 water proof cards with color photos, range maps, and concise descriptions of 30 forest bird species in Illinois. Each card contains natural history information, description of song, and a life-size illustration of the egg.
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The Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas

Authors: Kleen, V.M., L. Cordle, and R.A. Montgomery, 2004, 459 p.

The Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas presents a comprehensive summary of information about birds that currently breed in the state, based primarily on data from the Illinois Breeding Bird Atlas Project and the North American Breeding Bird Survey, as well as the knowledge gained over many years of experience with the state’s avifauna. As the word “atlas” implies, the book includes maps that illustrate the distribution of breeding bird species in Illinois, but it also includes information on their ranges, abundance, habitats, life histories, historical status, and recent population trends.
Illinois-beach_front-thumb.gif SPIllinoisBeach: Shifting Sand: The Geology of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park
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Illinois State Park Geology Series. ISBN 978-0-615-82667-7
2013. Full color. 42 pp.

Shifting Sand, second in the Illinois State Park Geology series, tells the ever-changing story of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park. This story is one of thousands of years of geological and natural history illustrating the progress of glaciers, changing lake levels, shoreline migration, the building of park land, the Dead River meanderings, and the living beauty of the park’s plants and animals. Located on Chicagoland’s northeastern edge, Illinois Beach State Park is known for its unique coastal environment. Here in the midst of the heartland, gulls cry, waves slap the shore, and quartz sand pebbles sing in the wind. The undulating ridge-and-swale landscape, evidence of its wave-formed history, forms a graceful, curving pattern. Yet concerted efforts are required to maintain the park’s sand beaches and protect the landscape from human and industrial impacts for the benefit of future generations.
Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks StarvedRock:Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks
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Illinois State Park Geology Series. ISBN 978-0-615-82666-0.
2005. Full color. 48 pp.

Come explore the natural beauty and wonder of the most visited state park in Illinois. Beautiful photographs, maps, and easy-to-read text will guide you through the geologic story of how the parks were formed and continue to change. This trailside view of the parks' geology is sure to give you renewed appreciation for the great rivers, bluffs, and canyons these parks contain.

Canaries in the Catbird Seat cover
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Canaries in the Catbird Seat: The Past, Present, and Future of Biological Resources in a Changing Environment

Editors: Christopher A. Taylor, John B. Taft and Charles E. Warwick
2009, 306 p.

Canaries in the Catbird Seat:The Past, Present, and Future of Biological Resources in a Changing Environment, this publication reflects the role of scientists and biologists who serve as “environmental sensors” through observation and research, much like the historic role of the mineshaft canary in alerting miners to low oxygen levels or poisonous gases. This colloquialism applies to institutions and scientists involved in biological monitoring and research because of the perspective gained by extensive experience across many ecosystems and species groups. The book describes the INHS and its staff, who, since 1858, have had the unique and privileged position of making observations and analyzing data collected throughout Illinois, the Midwest, and beyond. The 150-year time span of their studies is perhaps unparalleled for biological monitoring agencies in the United States. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of INHS, these observations were summarized and recounted to be accessible to citizens interested in our shared natural heritage and in context with the wider scientific community.
Water Fowl of Illinois

INHS Manual 07: Waterfowl of Illinois: Abbreviated Field Guide


Author: Stephen P. Havera
1999, 80 pp.

Although its landscapes have changed dramatically in the past two centuries, Illinois still hosts significant numbers of waterfowl and other waterbirds, especially during fall and spring migrations. There is an indescribable lure about waterfowl that captures our interest, whether we are birdwatchers, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, or hunters. We want to know what kinds of waterfowl frequent our state, when, where, how many, what they eat, where they nest, and what we can do to enjoy or help them.

This abbreviated guide was produced to provide selected highlights from its companion volume, Waterfowl of Illinois: Status and Management and is not an all-inclusive examination of the natural history of the species of waterfowl frequenting Illinois. This book is illustrated with color photographs of the waterfowl that inhabit Illinois as well as some of the plants upon which these birds feed.


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Stephen Forbes and the Rise of American Ecology

Author: Robert A. Croker, 2001

From the dust jacket: "One of the most prominent scientists of his day, Stephen Forbes (1844-1930) is now recognized as an early champion of the emerging field of ecology. Dedication to public service, he repeatedly demonstrated how ecology and environmental science could not only enlighten citizens but also effect economic change by improving resource use and management." "Croker's book is the best biographical insight I have encountered into how ecology became recognized as a science. It fills an enormous gap in our understanding of the history of ecology and provides an exhaustive, but by no means exhausting, account of the life of the most productive and insightful figure in early American ecology." - Robert P. McIntosh
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Biologists in the Field

Editors: Michael R. Jeffords, Susan L. Post, and Charles Warwick, 2009

Published in celebration of the INHS's 150th Anniversary, Biologists in the Field is a compilation of writings by past and current INHS field biologists about their adventures in fieldwork. Letters and journal entries of early INHS biologists along with stories of current biologists giving CPR to a squirrel, tracking turtles in a nudist campground, losing an entire trailer on Halloween, or encountering law enforcement officials, this collection of stories is sure to change the way you think about field biologists.
The Crayfishes of Kentucky
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INHS SP 28: The Crayfishes of Kentucky Authors: Christopher A. Taylor and Guenter A. Schuster 2004, 219 p.

Crayfishes, also known as crawfish, crawdads, or mudbugs, are a diverse and important component of freshwater aquatic and semi-aquatic ecosystems around the world. Their familiar form is recognizable by almost anyone who has spent time in and around lakes or creeks. Crayfishes are found natively on every continent except Africa and Antarctica and occur in almost every type of aquatic and semi-aquatic habitat.

This book intends to provide an up-to-date list of known crayfish species from the state of Kentucky. Distribution maps, illustrations, photos, and a key are provided to assist those interested in identifying Kentucky crayfishes. Information on the habitat and biology of each species is also provided, as is a summary of the historical efforts of crayfish biologists, or astacologists, in the state.

GES Education Combo Pack GESCOMBO1
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Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois, Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters, and Guide to Illinois Caverns

The Guide to Rocks and Minerals appeals to rock hounds from amateur to science teachers. It is a comprehensive reference on the state’s rocks and minerals, with more than 40 color plates that display excellent examples of rock types ranging from fluorite (the state mineral) to the world-renowned geodes of western Illinois. The photographs are accompanied by detailed descriptions of both common and very unusual rocks and minerals in Illinois. Useful identification flow charts and keys help the reader identify their specimens. In addition, the guide summarizes the basic geology of Illinois and discusses the physical properties of rocks and minerals, ways to collect and identify samples, and the importance of rocks and minerals to society. The Beginning Fossils Guide includes full color photographs of fossils and rocks and additional fossil drawings and plates. The Guide to Illinois Caverns is as close to an actual tour as one can get due to Illinois Caverns being closed to the public due to the white-nose-syndrome (WNS) that is devastating the bat population across the country.  Through this guide you will be able to imagine the cave feature by feature, and, along the way, you'll learn about the area's unique karst terrain, the plants and animals of the area, and the processes that formed and continue to change the caverns and surrounding area.

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Illinois' Ice Age Legacy, Illinois Groundwater: A Vital Geologic Resource, and Land-Use Decisions and Geology: Getting Past “Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

Using easy to-read text and understandable diagrams, the authors of the Geo-science Education series give readers an excellent introduction to the legacy of glaciers, groundwater and land-use decisions in Illinois.  Learn about the glacial processes and events of the great ice age; how geologic information about the glacial deposits can improve societal decisions related to groundwater and land use; and how understanding a location’s geologic framework and contamination potential can help society make safer, more cost-effective decisions about land use.

Amphibian, Turtle, Snake Card set
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Amphibian Cards, Reptiles & Snakes, & Turtles

(3 sets) Special package price $10.00!

Authors: Mui, J.M., Dreslik, M.J., Phillips, C.A. 

The Reptiles of Illinois Turtles Card Set contains 16 cards, while the Amphibian and the Snake and Lizard set contain 32 cards each, for a total of 80 cards. The cards are water resistant and contain color photos, range maps, and concise descriptions of the species most likely to be encountered in Illinois.

IL Landowners Guide to Conservation and 3 pack Amphibian-Turtle-Snake cards
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Illinois Landowners Guide to Amphibian Conservation and Amphibian Cards-Reptiles, Snakes, & Turtles

Authors: Szafoni, R.E., C.A. Phillips, S.R. Ballard, R.A. Brandon, and G. Kruse; 2002, 26 p.

This guide provides a brief overview of the amphibians of Illinois, including aspects of their life histories and distributions. This background information is important in helping you assess an area and determine appropriate habitat enhancement and management practices. In addition you will find guidance for resource managers, planners, restorationists, and private landowners in Illinois who wish to create, enhance, and manage habitat for amphibians. Regardless of the habitats available on your land, the management guidelines can make your area more suitable for amphibians. Authors: Mui, J.M., Dreslik, M.J., Phillips, C.A.

The Reptiles of Illinois Turtles Card Set contains 16 cards, while the Amphibian and the Snake and Lizard set contain 32 cards each, for a total of 80 cards. The cards are water resistant and contain color photos, range maps, and concise descriptions of the species most likely to be encountered in Illinois.

Combo Rare Plants and 4 sets bug cards
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Bug Card set: Good Guys-Bad Guys 1 & 2, Ugly Guys (4 sets) and A Selection of the Common, Unusual, and Rare Plants of Illinois 

4 sets plus a copy of A Selection of the Common, Unusual, and Rare Plants of Illinois for one low price, $20.00!

The Good Guys! Natural Enemies of Insects that are beneficial in the home garden or landscape. The Bad Guys! Set #1 Garden Pests and set #2 Landscape Pests, and Ugly guys, household pests. Each set contains 32 laminated cards with color photos and concise descriptions. Plus A Selection of the Common, Unusual, and Rare Plants of Illinois-a 44 page color guide.

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Fossils of Illinois and Illinois Fossils 

Poster set special price $5 for 2 great posters!

The Illinois Fossil poster set is a great addition to any fossil lover’s collection. Poster 1 has detailed drawings of common Illinois fossils by geologic period, color coded to match a geologic map of Illinois, making it easy to locate where in the state the rock of a given period is present at the surface. Poster 2 has photographs of museum-quality fossil specimens and the key on side 2 provides additional information about those specimens and answers to commonly asked questions about fossils. Posters will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Make the poster set a complete package and for $5 add a copy of the Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters! This package makes a great gift for fossil lovers of all ages and levels.
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Illinois Habitat Poster Set of 3

Special package deal $5.00

Author: Jefford, M.R., S. Post, and J. Sternberg, Poster dimensions [approx.]: 18" × 24"

Perfect for the nature lover needing to decorate their walls. Posters will be rolled and shipped in a tube.
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Photographic History of Coal Mining Practices in Illinois and Coal Industry in Illinois map

A Photographic History of Coal Mining Practices in Illinois and a copy of the Illinois Coal map 2013 make an excellent gift idea for current and past coal mine enthusiasts. This historical publication has gathered, published, and preserved a large collection of historic photographs documenting the processes, equipment, and people integral to the coal mining industry. The statewide map shows active and idle mines, mined areas, major coal-burning power, industrial, and institutional plants; coal-loading docks; tables on mines, coal-burning power, industrial, and institutional plants, coal balance for Illinois in 1995; and generalized stratigraphic column. The map comes folded in a labeled storage envelope. A great package for anyone interested in the coal industry.
Field Guide to Silkmoths of Illinois cover
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INHS Manual 10: Field Guide to Silkmoths of Illinois

Authors: J. Bouseman and J. Sternburg
2002, 97 p.

In this book we treat the often spectacularly large and beautiful moths known as the imperial moths or silkmoths. Both the adults and larvae of those insects have long attracted the attention of naturalists, scientists, artists, schoolchildren, and people in general. This comprehensive treatment provides accounts of 19 species. Each account contains a concise discussion of the distinguishing characteristics and natural history of each species, all illustrated by more than 175 stunning color photographs and distribution maps.


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Time Talks: The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks and Shifting Sand: The Geology of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park

The Geology of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks, and Shifting Sand: The Geology of Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park special holiday package, get both guides at an incredible holiday discount. Give the gift to read now and later explore the natural beauty and wonders of two of the most visited and unique state park in Illinois. Beautiful photographs, maps, and easy-to-read text will guide you through the geologic story of how the parks were formed and continue to change.


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