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Oil and Gas Structure Maps


Subsurface Mississippian Structure Contour Maps with Color-Coded Producing Intervals, Base of Beech Creek (“Barlow”) and Karnak Member (top of Ste. Genevieve Formation.) Local Beech Creek and Karnak Structure Maps with Color-Coded Oil Producing Zones, by Philip M. Johanek, Bryan G. Huff, Rex Knepp, and others, ISGS; 2009, 2012.

Local area maps (1:36,000 or 1 inch equals 3,000 feet.) The local area maps are on the same grid or index map as the Oil and Gas Development Map Series, generally a 3 Township by 3 Range grid, for the areas where the Beech Creek and Karnak are present and mappable in the subsurface in Illinois. Structure-contours at 20 foot contour interval. Contours completed in 2009 and not updated. Oil and gas wells are shown with status symbols and color-coded producing strata.The oil and gas wells and color coded producing horizons were updated in July, 2012. Maps compiled by ISGS from ISGS Digital Well Database and using earlier versions of hand-contoured structure map series.

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ISDM_Albion_BeechCreek.jpg Beech Creek Structure Map
ISDM_Albion_Karnak.jpg Karnak Structure Map
IBS004 GIS compilation of gas potential of the New Albany shale
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IBS 004 GRI-00/0068 - GIS Compilation of Gas Potential of the New Albany CD

The gas potential of the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin is profiled on this CD-ROM. Featured on the disc are updated maps of the New Albany Shale (Devonian and Mississippian) in Geographic Information System (GIS) shapefile format, as well as 1991-1997 digital data for cores, an updated bibliography, and a database of more than 5,000 New Albany wells. Data fields in the well database include well permit number (identification number), UTM X, UTM Y, latitude, longitude, New Albany Shale top (elevation) in feet, thickness in feet, source of the data, data type, and pick type. Map plates include elevation of the top; thickness; average initial potential for the gas fields; mean random vitrinite reflectance; and locations of cores of the New Albany Shale. Stratigraphic cross-sections illustrating the distribution of the New Albany Shale members in the three-state area are included. Database tables are in dBase III format, which can be viewed by, and imported into, many spreadsheet and database programs. The ArcExplorer software program is included on the CD-ROM for viewing the GIS files. The map files can also be used with other standard industry mapping software. 


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