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Illinois Natural History Survey Circular was primarily a “how to” publication for home, farm, and garden. The Circular was published from 1918 to 1987. Publication of this series was discontinued in 1995. Pertinent material that originally would have appeared in the INHS Circulars is now contained in the INHS Special Publications series.

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Circulars 1987, 1980, and 1975

INHS C-57: Controlling Aquatic Vegetation with Triploid Grass Carp

Authors: Wiley, M.J., P.P. Tazik, and S.T. Sobaski
1987; 16 pages.


INHS C-56: Fertilizing and Watering Trees (Circular 52 revised)

Authors: Neely D. and E.B. Himelick
1987; 24 pages.


INHS C-55: Observing, Photographing, and Collecting Plants

Author: Robertson, K.R.
1980; 62 pages.


INHS C-54: Corn Rootworm Pest Management in Canning Sweet Corn

Authors: Luckmann, W.H., J.T. Shaw, D.E. Kuhlman, R. Randell, and C.D. LeSar
1975; 10 pages.


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