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Bulletins from the 1970s

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin has been published continuously since 1876. This peer-reviewed journal reports on significant research findings by INHS scientists and others in the natural sciences. It is our premier scientific serial and has a worldwide distribution. Professional researchers and graduate students contribute to and utilize this series.

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INHS B31-07: Mecoptera, or Scorpionflies, of Illinois

Authors: Webb, D.W., N.D. Penny, and J.C. Marlin
1975; 65 pages.

The objective of this study is to update our knowledge of the distribution and natural history of Mecoptera, particularly in relation to the biogeographic history of Illinois. Synoptic descriptions, keys, and illustrations have been prepared to provide an insight into this primitive and interesting group of insects. The emphasis of this study is on the fauna of Illinois, but other species occurring in the Midwest have been included. Collecting data are listed for those Illinois species known from fewer than ten localities. Records for other species are plotted on distribution maps.


INHS B30-07: Comparative Study of Two Components of the Poinsettia Root Rot Complex

Author: Perry, R.S.
1971; 34 pages.

Since more research has been conducted on P. ultimum and R. solani than on T. basicola, the present research was originally designed to investigate some of the environmental factors affecting the growth of Thielaviopsis and the development of the root rot caused by it. However, another fungus, Chalaropsis thielavioides Peyronel, frequently was obtained in isolations from diseased greenhouse poinsettias. Since C. thielavioides had not been reported as being a part of the poinsettia root rot complex, the author decided to investigate its importance as a pathogen on poinsettias. Numerous similarities between C. thielavioides and T. basicola were evident. The object of this work was to compare the two fungi. Prior to undertaking such a study, the pathogenicity of Chalaropsis on poinsettias had to be established. A comparison of Chalaropsis and two isolates of Thielaviopsis was made to determine the effects of environment on the growth of the fungi and the ability of the two fungi to produce disease symptoms poinsettias.


INHS B30-05: A Survey of the Mussels (Unionacea) of the Illinois River: A Polluted Stream

Author: Starrett, W.C.
1971; 136 pages.

The basic purposes of this investigation were to make a survey of the pearly mussel (Mussel: Pelecypoda: Unionacea) populations of the entire Illinois River in order to formulate a sound basis for managing the mussel resource of this river, and to determine what species and distributional changes had taken place during the past century.


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