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Bulletins from the 1960s

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin has been published continuously since 1876. This peer-reviewed journal reports on significant research findings by INHS scientists and others in the natural sciences. It is our premier scientific serial and has a worldwide distribution. Professional researchers and graduate students contribute to and utilize this series.

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INHS B29-03: Hybridization of Four Species of Sunfishes (Centrarchidae)

Author: Childers, W.F.
1967; 55 pages.

Four species of sunfishes in the tribe Lepomini (red-ear sunfish, bluegill, green sunfish, and warmouth) were selected as experimental species because of local availability; importance to sport fishing; taxonomic relationships; and similarities and differences in their morphology, habitat selection, and reproductive behavior.


INHS B29-02: Stocking and Sport Fishing at Lake Glendale (Illinois)

Author: Hansen, D.F.
1966; 53 pages.

Various bass-bluegill stocking procedures employing fry or fingerlings, adult fish alone, or mixtures of adults and fingerlings have been evaluated by Serber (1949), Swingle (1951), and Smith, Kirkwood, & Hall (1955). In these studies, stocking success was measured in such terms as standing crops of young and adult fish, balance of bass and bluegills, or evidence of overpopulation of one or both species. The principal basis for evaluation of the stocking procedures at Lake Glendale was the quality of the hook-and-line fishing. Neither of the stocking procedures used in the present study was among those reported by other workers. The 1940 stocking rates for adult largemouth bass and bluegills were almost the same as the rates used by the Illinois Department of Natural Conservation when it provides adult fish for large publicly-owned waters. For this reason, the results of the present study have special significance in this state.


INHS B28-03: The Comparative Study of Bird Populations in Illinois, 1906-1909 and 1956-1958

Authors: Graber, R.R. and J.W. Graber
1963; 145 pages.

On August 29, 1906, Alfred O. Gross and Howard A. Ray, working for the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History (a parent organization of the Illinois Natural History Survey) under the direction of Stephen A. Forbes, began a series of statewide, cross-country censuses of birds in Illinois. These censuses were continued at intervals until September, 1909, and the data collected were published in a series of papers (Forbes 1907, 1908, 1913; Forbes & Gross 1921, 1922, 1923) that provided a quantitative record of the Illinois bird populations of that period and a potential basis for evaluating the adjustment of bird populations to a changing environment. In 1956-1958, we conducted statewide censuses similar to those of the 1906-1909 survey. In this paper we present an analysis of our field data and compare these data with those from the first survey.


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