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Bulletins from the 1940s

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin has been published continuously since 1876. This peer-reviewed journal reports on significant research findings by INHS scientists and others in the natural sciences. It is our premier scientific serial and has a worldwide distribution. Professional researchers and graduate students contribute to and utilize this series.

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INHS B24-03: The Bass-Bluegill Combination in a Small Artifical Lake

Author: Bennett, G.W.
1948; 35 pages.

The investigation of Fork Lake was originally planned to study the effect of heavy cropping upon the combination of largemouth bass and bluegills in a small artificial lake or pond. The results obtained were influenced by the unexpected spread of Potamogeton foliosus in this pond, and a proposed final fish census was rendered impossible by a washout of the dam in 1942.


INHS B24-01: The Mosquitoes of Illinois (Diptera, Culicidae)

Author: Ross, H.H.
1947; 96 pages.

The object of this paper is to provide means for making mosquito control programs more effective, first by furnishing illustrated keys and descriptions for the identification of mosquito species that occur in Illinois and states similar in climate, and second by summarizing information regarding the distribution, biology, and habitat preferences of the species.


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      • Survey of the Illinois Fur Resource

            Author: Brown, L.G. and L.E. Yeager
            1943; 70 pages.

      • Illinois Furbearer Distribution and Income

            Author: Mohr, C.O.
            1943;337 pages

Distributional information information and annual catch data derived from fur-takers' monthly reports are at hand for most of the trapping seasons beginning with 1929-30 and ending with 1939-40 and are here recorded, along with records of the number of licensed fur-takers and estimates of their catch. After being compared with findings of the oral survey, raw data reports were revised in such a way as to show better than heretofore how the value of the fur catch has stood from year to year. Data for the seasons of 1931-32, 1932-33 and 1933-34 were not available to the writer, and these seasons therefore could not be considered in this study.


INHS B22-01: The Plant Bugs, or Miridae, of Illinois

Author: Knight. H.H.
1941; 234 pages.

The list of Miridae of Illinois now stands at 330 species. It is apparent, however, that species known from neighboring states will eventually be found in Illinois. Furthermore, in the study of Illinois species, it was found that many records of these species were a great distance from any other previously known records. Hence, it was thought advisable to include in the keys other species and varieties known from the entire general region in which Illinois is situated. One hundred ten extralimital species were, therefore, included, bringing the total number treated in this report to 440 species. It seems highly probable that from two-thirds to three-fourths of these extralimital species will eventually be found in this state, which would bring the list of Illinois Miridae to about 400 species.


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      • Preliminary Investigation of Oak Diseases in Illinois

            Author: Carter, J.C.
            1941; 36 pages.

      • A Needle Blight of Austrian Pine

            Author: Hulbray, R.L.
            1941; 6 pages


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