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Bulletins from the 1930s

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin has been published continuously since 1876. This peer-reviewed journal reports on significant research findings by INHS scientists and others in the natural sciences. It is our premier scientific serial and has a worldwide distribution. Professional researchers and graduate students contribute to and utilize this series.

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INHS B21-03: Studies of Nearctic Aquatic Insects

Authors: Ross, H.H. and T.H. Frison
1937; 43 pages.

In American literature the genus Sialis has been in confusion for some time because of the fact that all authors, except Banks, have recognized only three nearctic species, americana, nevadensis and infumata. Americana and nevadensis differ from infumata in color and sculpturing and have long been recognized correctly. Everything else has been grouped under infumata. The only effort to enlighten the problem was made by Banks, who described four species cheifly on the basis of genital characters. In spite of this prophetic indication, no other extensive work has been done.


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