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Illinois' Ice Age Legacy GES 14 Illinois' Ice Age Legacy

Second Revised Edition, Geoscience Education Series 14.
Myrna M. Killey
2007. 74 pp.

Text, maps, and photographs have been updated in the 2007 revision of the ISGS classic, Illinois' Ice Age Legacy, Geoscience Education Series 14, by Myrna M. Killey. The 74-page book serves as an excellent introduction to the legacy of the glaciers that advanced and retreated across most of Illinois within the past 1.8 million years. During that time, the glaciers endowed the state with deposits that today provide a wealth of natural resources: fertile soils, water, sand and gravel, natural gas, and peat. The book describes the glacial processes and events of the Great Ice Age and details the kinds of evidence geologists study to learn about the glaciers and their deposits. Understanding the nature and extent of these deposits is essential to addressing societal issues related to land use, water quality, mineral resources, and geologic hazards. Illinois' Ice Age Legacy is the initial volume of a published trilogy that includes two companion publications, Illinois Groundwater: A Vital Geologic Resource and Land-Use Decisions and Geology: Getting Past AOut of Sight, Out of Mind. The latter two books illustrate how geologic information about the glacial deposits can improve societal decisions related to groundwater and land use.

Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters GES 15: Guide for Beginning Fossil Hunters

Second Revised Edition, Geoscience Education Series 15. Reprint
Charles Collinson. 2002. 48 pp.

This attractive revision of the continually popular Guide features photographs (including eight pages of stunning, full-color fossil photographs); additional fossil drawings and plates; an updated geologic time chart; and additional references for further readings. A great companion to the Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois and the fossil posters!

Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois GES16: Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois

Geoscience Education Series 16.
Wayne Frankie. 2004. 69 pp.

Rock hounds from amateur to science teacher are sure to be interested in this comprehensive reference on the state’s rocks and minerals. More than 40 color plates display excellent examples of rock types ranging from fluorite (the state mineral) to the world-renowned geodes of western Illinois. The photographs are accompanied by detailed descriptions of both common and very unusual rocks and minerals in Illinois. Useful identification flow charts and keys help the reader identify their specimens. In addition, the guide summarizes the basic geology of Illinois and discusses the physical properties of rocks and minerals, ways to collect and identify samples, and the importance of rocks and minerals to society.

Guide to the Illinois Caverns State Natural Area GES19 Guide to Illinois Caverns State Natural Area
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Geoscience Education Series 19.
Samuel V. Panno, Sallie E. Greenberg, C. Pius Weibel, and Patricia K. Gillespie.
2004. 106 pp. plus trail map. Full color.

Spelunkers and armchair travelers both will find plenty to interest them in this comprehensive guide. You'll visit the cave feature by feature, and, along the way, you'll learn about the area's unique karst terrain, the plants and animals of the area, and the processes that formed and continue to change the caverns and surrounding area.


How to Read Illinois Topographic Maps GES20: How to Read Illinois Topographic Maps

Geoscience Education Series 20.
2005. 22 pp. Full color. Learn how to interpret and use standard 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps published by the United States Geological Survey and made available through the ISGS Public Information Office. Hikers, hunters, urban planners, and students are just some of those who will find it useful to understand how to interpret these maps. The maps use contour lines to show the configuration of the land surface. The maps also show surface waters and man-made features such as roads, dams, canals, railroads, and houses. The guide is a revision of the 1978 Guide to the Use of Illinois Topographic Maps.

Rock kit resized.jpg EDX ROCK & MINERAL KIT

Classroom Set of Thirty-five Illinois Rocks and Minerals 

Specimens of typical rocks and minerals found in Illinois. Numbered cards identify each specimen and briefly explain its significance. The set is intended as a reference for science classrooms and other educational groups. Specimens are not large enough for laboratory experimentation. Kits includes a copy of ISGS Geoscience Education Series 16, Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois. The set is available only to Illinois schools and educational groups upon request restrictions may apply and proof of educational use may be requested.


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