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A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois

A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois, relates the fascinating story of a growing city, the geology of the Lake Michigan shoreline, and the evolution of this landmark Chicago resource from its beginnings to the enjoyable natural resource we know today. Through current and historic images, maps, and illustrations, the Guide traces the development of the park from its glacial past, to the fulfillment of Daniel Burnham’s vision through numerous efforts to reengineer the south Chicago shoreline, to the various historical events that shaped its character. Included in the Guide is a handy pull-out map detailing 27 points of interest ideal for visitors on a walking tour.

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A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

Second in the Chicago Lakefront Park series, A Walking Guide to the History & Features of Lincoln Park details the complex interplay of natural geologic processes, innovative geological engineering, and landscape design that make up Chicago’s largest park. The Guide captures the history of the park as it evolved from a cemetery into a beautifully designed park space intended for escape into nature from the pressures of urban life, and its progression over time into a premier center of recreation and arts. Through many archival images, the book highlights the diverse group of talented engineers, landscape designers, architects, and artists who guided the park’s development. The Guide includes a convenient pull-out map describing 41 points of interest for those who wish to take a self-guided tour of the park.

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karstbooklet-web[1].jpg Living with Karst - A Fragile Foundation

Living with Karst - A Fragile Foundation free with shipping

Although the term "karst" is not widely known, nearly 25% of the world's population lives in karst areas. Living With Karst, the 4th booklet in the AGI Environmental Awareness Series vividly illustrates what karst is and why karst areas are important. The booklet also discusses karst-related environmental and engineering concerns, guidelines for living with karst, and sources of additional information. Produced in Cooperation with the National Speleological Society, American Cave Conservation Association, Bureau of Land Management, Illinois Basin consortium, National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Geological Survey.
Sat-Image-Map-IL from Mike.png Satellite Image Map of Illinois

Satellite Image Map of Illinois

Richard E. Dahlberg, Donald E. Luman, and Alden Warren, 1985, 37.5 x 57.5 inches.

2015 marks the 30 year anniversary of this history making map! According to Survey records this map sold more copies in the first few days of its release than any other map publication in Survey history. Perhaps you have a copy that needs to be replaced, or perhaps you have not owned one, so now is your chance!

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