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Special Report 5 Construction Aggregates and Silica Sand in the Economy of Illinois  Subhash B. Bhagwat

This report was commissioned to determine trends in the aggregate industry in Illinois and the economic effects of the industry on other businesses and services in the state. The innovative approach taken here captures the value of the industry to the state better than traditional approaches by including the economic contributions of the aggregate industry (1) to the industry itself, (2) to businesses that provide goods and services to the industry, (3) and to businesses and social services in the communities where the employees live and work. This method provides a fuller picture of the economic impact by showing how, if the aggregate industry reduces production, as occurred after the economic downturn of 2008, effects on other businesses are unavoidable. This report is the first to include direct, indirect, and induced economic effects in addition to traditional measures to provide a complete, balanced measure of the economic significance of the aggregate industry in the state of Illinois.


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