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Zebra Mussels – Lessons Learned in the Great Lakes –
Four Part Video Series – YouTube

Produced By: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Illinois Natural History Survey 


This 11 minute video examines the basic biology of the zebra mussel, an invasive species now prevalent in the Great Lakes.

Spread and Impact

This 16 minute video provides an overview of the spread of the zebra mussel in the Great Lakes and its impact on the ecology of the Lakes.


This 18 minute video describes methods for controlling the spread of the zebra mussel.


Lessons Learned

This 14 minute video summarizes where to learn more about the zebra mussel including primary literature, traveling trunks, costumes, videos and more.

Beauty Contained – Water Garden Retailer Training Video

Produced By: Wisconsin Sea Grant

This 10 minute video for water garden retailers includes a summary of best management practices for hobbyists.


Flying Fish Great Dish

Produced By: Louisiana Sea Grant

In this 27-minute video, U.S. Geological Survey fish biologist Duane Chapman shows step-by-step procedures for deboning and preparing Asian carp fillets. Available as a DVD or in three parts on YouTube.


Clean Boats, Clean Tournaments — Video Download only

Produced By: Wisconsin Sea Grant
Price: Free
Description: Having a boat wash station at fishing tournaments prevents the spread of aquatic invasive species. This 10 minute video tells you how and provides information on having your own successful boat wash. Available on YouTube.

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